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Werewolf - A Mod's Perspective

Part II: Pre-Desaster

(Reminder: Wolves: SPM, tgwbs, Durelin, Legate; Seer: Rikae, Ranger: Gil, Hunter: Lommy; Cobbler: Roa)

Day One.
I’m making a bold prediction: Mith will never ever again make a first post in a WW game. Her “If anyone has a watertight method for distinguishing gifted odd vibe from wolvish odd vibe please share!” haunted her for days. :D
Other than that, it began pretty Day-One-ish. The wolves played quite careful and contained and the innocents grasped every straw they could find. Rikae made a somewhat suspicious vote, but that was all - until Garin appeared, who seemingly ran mad with very suspicious behaviour. It was very ‘confused innocent’-ish from my perspective, but lacking alternatives, it came down to a race between him and Rikae. This ended with Rikae revealing her seer role (“I am the weaver!”, anyone? ;p ) and Garin went down.
As a side note, the triangle of Roa, SPM and Nogrod was extremely amusing from the Mod’s point of view.

Night Two
saw the withdrawals of Holbytlass and The Might, a pity. The wolves hoped that the ranger would gamble on Rikae - Gil didn't. So, two corpses and no murder.

Day Two.
Knowing Rikae would reveal Roa’s cobblerdom this day, I experienced Roa’s analysis-frenzy burying my head in my hands. All that work – and all the time I knew it would be for naught. Poor girl. And then Rikae even said she will only reveal her dreams later that day!
Well, after Roa had provided about 2/3 of the text for the day so far, Rikae told everybody they shouldn’t even bother reading it. Few even talked about the newly-known innocence of Nogrod, because Roa was now intend to draw all attention towards her for the time she had left, and she did it very successfully. A few even had doubts concerning Rikae’s seerdom. A great debate began whether it would be better to lynch Roa (and her noise and her evil vote) or let her live (to add her to the number of innocents while ignoring her), each side suspecting the other of containing the wolves (btw.: at the time I personally would have been for letting her live. In hindsight, if she would have been willing to keep her noise on the day two-level, she might have been a fatal distraction). It’s interesting to look at the votes Roa didn’t get: SPM, tgwbs, Legate. It didn’t look all that good for the wolves...

Night Three.
There was a little too much chatting on the admin thread, Glirdan had to be removed for not participating, but otherwise, all quiet on the modding front. Rikae got killed as expected.

Day Three
The guy and the shortlist, or: it's not what you write - it's what others like to read out of it. ;)
tgwbs talked about letting Nogrod make a list of three and then let everybody only vote one of those, but he clearly dismissed the idea. Many seemed to have misread it and ever and ever it was brought up again that it’s a bad idea and each time with the comment that his approval of it makes Jay look suspicious. Jay’s rising disgruntlement about this was priceless! The more he defended himself, the more eyebrows were raised.* ;D
Generally, this was an extremely focussed day: A lot of analysis, debate and well-founded arguments. It’s amazing how such a focussed village can still go so wrong. In the end it came down to an unholy - and very exciting - race between Rune and Brinn (I still don’t really understand what made so many people suspcious of the two..). The votes started to turn against Rune first, then some wanted to have a counter-bandwaggon, which became Brinniel. Short before the deadline, people wanted to save Brinniel again and lynch Rune instead, but too late: a tie, with Brinniel having the number of votes first. Not one vote had been cast against a wolf on this day - now it looked pretty good for them.

Night Four
Rune got killed, that’s all.

Day Four.
The Day of DOOM:
Mänwe starts it with making a weird comment in the day’s first post. For some reason dead-Roa exploded and wrote Mänwe a vitriolic PM. Mänwe in turn was seriously offended (understandably) and posts the whole PM on the admin thread (not understandably) and announces to withdraw. I caught up on the whole thing a little late because I was still finishing the narration. The first thing I did when I read what happened was PM Mänwe telling him to rethink his decision in my most soothing tone (while still asking him why he had to post the PM and what his comment in the game was about). I then responded to a PM from a person whose name I promised not to give away before I wrote a short statement for the admin thread (which got to feature some more comments in the meantime). When I previewed it, I saw that morm already had deleted all, which I think was the best decision to not let the game be overshadowed by it. I PMed him shortly how I saw the situation. Mänwe had answered in the meantime, telling me he will overthink his decision and then, after cooling down a bit, I PMed Roa. She promised to apologise openly once the game is over, which she later did.
I was hanging in the air a bit concerning Mänwe, which caused some comments in the game, but in the end he didn’t manage to vote, like the day before, and thus everything solved itself.
Yes, there was actually a game played, too. Nogrod finally gave a formidable alpha-known-innocent and vocally pinned down three wolves. The following squabble between him and especially tgwbs and Durelin was absolutely hilarious. It looked very good for the innocents now, but then a Lalaith-bandwaggon, initiated by SPM, came up and the others were divided between tgwbs and the Saucepan. Short before the deadline, all three had three votes each with Lalaith having gotten there first. She then retracted her vote from Jay to SPM, to save herself, in a slightly unconventional manner, but that is neither excuse nor explanation for what happened then...
For a beast more deadly than all wolves and cobblers combined entered the stage, inspiring fear and awe. Behold! the Confused Mod!

... to be continued.

*This reminds me of Day One in Valier’s game. I was talking about things concerning Kitanna in some of my posts and then a few accused me of trying to draw attention towards Kitanna in a sneaky way. The problem: each time I defended myself against this, I necessarily had to mention Kitanna again, which in turn made those people even more suspicious: a vicious circle that made me scream at the screen in the end.

My favourite quotes from until Day Four:
(feel free to add your favourites if they're not included)

Day One

What bothers me is that I tend to agree with Roa here (as we should be the cat and the dog - which one of us is what is an open question)... ~ Nogrod

The only murderin' I'll do is in a slanderous story in a Newspaper form. ~ Hookbill

When I first read this thread through, my first impression was that this is the most paranoid first day ever. ~ Lommy

Durelin apparently flourishes without an occupation to fall back on! Perhaps we shouldn't allow her one is future games. ~ Kath

Apologies, as always, for the length. My nickname, it seems, is well earned. ~ SPaM

*ahem* Meow. ~ Roa (clearing Nogrod's question)

Well, really all I know is that it's quite funny that Kath seems pleased that I got down to business in my very first post, while Lommy finds it suspicious. You can't win. ~ Durelin

One thing that kind of bothers me - I tend to get this nagging feeling everytime the Day starts to draw near to an end - that maybe the werecreatures play exactly the way I think they should play if they were to win nicely. ~ Nogrod (too true)

Ah, Middle Road, where have you gone? Oh, yeah...this is WW. ~ Durelin

Day Two

Parents can be such a bother, wouldn't you say, Thin? ~ Roa

He reminds me of those ever so good people that end up being the real bad guy in cartoons. ~ Rune (about Legate)

Warning: If people start talking about me being over defencive I will beat them with a stick! ~ Rune

What can we conclude from this? Answer: always trust your sense of humour. ~ Lommy

Day Three

Lommy - (you wouldn't believe how long it just took me to find your posts, I was searching the members list for Lommy for a good 5 minutes before I realised what I was doing). ~ Kath

You see we Danes only capitulate to analysis and troops when we realise that we cannot win the fight, it could be because of rethorical skill(and or them being right)/superior military but when these things are not pressent we tend to stand on our own feet. ~ Rune

EDIT: Cross-posted with everyone since... wait... since somewhere in the first part of page 10?!??!! ~ Legate

Are we ever going to cease making this difficult for our poor Modalaure? ~ Durelin

Silly Sods ~ Rune (after the deadline, thinking he had been lynched)

ooh that got past the censor! ~ Mith

Day Four

So do we have three wolves in a list of Spm, tgwbs, Durelin...?
Oh you can't be that easy to pick now! Where's the sport now?
tgwbs: how about a short list now? One that the known innocent gives consisting of you three?
~ Nogrod

It's just outrageous what tgwbs passes forwards with the epithet of logic. ~ Nogrod

I'm going to sleep.
(Anything wolfish there, Nogrocissist?)
~ Durelin (after a lengthier debate with Nogrod)

I'm a mathematician, and I'm afraid I think mathematically. ~ tgwbs (in response to Nogrod, again)

I may not be a mathematician like TGWBS, but I am at least a self-proclaimed philosopher. ~ Durelin

Brains wins again. ~ Durelin (after entrapping herself in her voting process)


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