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Werewolf - A Mod's Perspective

Part III: Post-Desaster

Day Four - continued.
When we left Númenóre, we had a vote count of Lalaith 3, Saucepan 3, tgwbs 3, with Lalaith having gotten there first. Lalaith just retracted a little strangely from tgwbs to SPM. The Saucepan Man therefore should be lynched now.
But somehow my brain got the retraction wrong and removed tgwbs instead. The mistake wasn’t that horrible on its own, but I posted not only the deadline and the kill of tgwbs, but also immediately gave away his role. This way it was definite. The horrible thing is, I did this all the time! Each day I told myself not to: there could be cross-posting, I could make a fault...but no. Somehow, each day, I was so involved in following the game that I forgot it... four days in a row...
It’s this... stupidity, this thoughtlessness that I am cursing myself for, not so much the actual miscount, which could have happened to everybody. I’m even sure I wouldn’t have gotten it wrong if not both, tgwbs and SPM had been wolves.

Night Five.
One - hilarous, in hindsight - cross-posting hell broke loose on the admin thread after my fault. I decided to keep the solution as simple as possible. tgwbs had to die, the Saucepan Man got to live on. Mänwe was also killed - he failed to vote for two days, which absolved him from having to withdraw officially. I was too mixed up to do the narration at the time, so I delayed it on the next day. I only got to finish it one our prior to the deadline and Hookbill confused it with the night-narration and started posting. Not so hasty! ;)

Day Five.
It was clear to the wolves than SPM would become the main target of the Day, so he and Durelin planned to get some separation from each other and started to heavily suspect the other. A seemingly simple tactic, but it worked out marvellously and Durelin was suddenly regarded as innocent by most.
Generally, this was a quite straight-forward day, not much special, not much funny. Once more Lommy tried an analytic approach but was dissatisfied with the outcome. Yep, analysis is over-rated.
The idea to give SPM a pythonesque death (check his sig!) was a spontaneous one, unlike the others, which I already had in the back of my head more or less.

Night Six.
Kath got killed, nothing else.

Day Six.
Being now rid of obvious Faithfuls and known innocents, Day Six was somewhat nervous again. Durelin and Legate managed to blend in perfectly while the village was clutching at all the few straws they could find. In the end, this led to Ranger Gil-Galad being lynched. Unfortunately neither he nor Hunter Lommy were present at the deadline, so there was no big fight. Ironically Gil was lynched for being too right with his votes. I can’t remember Gil was ever lynched for, in fact, playing too well. ;)

Night Seven.
Durelin and Legate later said that they wanted to avoid the hunter this night. Apparently, they were no better at gifted-guessing than the innocents were at wolves-guessing the previous day: They went for Lommy. I couldn’t resist the urge to tell them even before the deadline what they had done, while leaving open the result of Lommy’s hunt.
The wolves were incredibly lucky, for it was only the second time in the whole game Lommy didn’t have a Faithful in her list. Many times, she had three of four.

Day Seven.
Because of Lommy’s strong suspicions towards Kitanna, she became a quasi-known innocent, but didn’t have the net-time to benefit from it. Being widely trusted Durelin started the voting with Hookbill and Mith took her lure and made it two. Lalaith, ever suspicious of Mith, immediately voted her in turn. At this point the village was pretty much doomed (though it didn't occur to me at the time. I was totally unaware that this could have been the last day!) Legate added a second vote for Mith and Kitanna sealed it with a third for Hookbill. Unfortunately, again, the victim wasn’t present to defend himself, so the game ended a little bit disappointing.

Concluding, I have to say that modding is much more exhausting than I thought, especially this having to be creative on command when writing the narrations. Other than that, it was extreme fun. Reading through all that is said while knowing the truth is very intriguing. I found myself to be rooting for the one side on one day, and for the other on the next.

And isn't this the nicest thing you have ever seen?

Quotes from the game:

Day Five

Well, wipe my nose and call me Yusopov ~ Lalaith (no idea what that means, but it sounds funny!)

Day Six

God, I can't believe I'm doing this, I'm going to be late for work.... ~ Lalaith

I've reached the paranoid stage of suspecting everyone. ~ Lommy

Legate you credit me with a guile I don't possess ~ Mith

Pshaw. Don't believe a word of it, Legate. She's as guileful as Guileful Jack McGuile, winner of this year's Mr Guile competition. ~ Lalaith (this is my favourite one, by far!)

Not guileful merely beguiling... ~ Mith

Ah, by my saul thou'lt dree thy weird! Begone, were-wolf, till the day o' doom! ~ Mith (before lynching the Gil-Ranger)

Day Seven

When I said the Gil bandwaggon was misguided, I little realised quite how misguided it was. ~ Lalaith

Legate might be the most fantastically convincing faux-innocent newbie in the history of Werewolf. ~ Lalaith

Now I understand why all you folks play Werewolf. These feelings you sometimes have when you play it cannot be experienced by any other means. ~ Legate

From the admin thread:

Night Five.

I'm really sorry for that messy retraction. You can blame me if you like. Pelt me with jellybabies. ~ Lalaith

I can see this as an interesting scene. An invasion of giant porcupines, forcing villagers and Faithful to come together temporarily to fend them off. Manwe and I die defending the village... Seems good to me. ~ tgwbs


So, do I get another seven lives now ...? ~ Saucepan Man

No but you may get called Rasputin.....
Or the Teflon SaucepanMan
~ Mith

Night Six.

Ah well the SpM's death was a cultural reference that I got....(and love)..just wish you had given me a false beard ~ Mith

Night Seven.

So I woke up this morning and went: 'oh I'm dead, well that's lucky since I'm busy today' and toddled off to exams and bake sales ... without ever once looking at the thread! I didn't KNOW I was dead, I hadn't seen it in words until literally 10 minutes ago, I just assumed I was! ~ Kath

Too lazy to search through the wolf pms for highlights right now... Jay? Durelin?
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