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Werewolf - A Mod's Perspective

Part I - Pregame

The idea for the Were-Faithfuls theme came to me already last summer, shortly after I had started playing Werewolf. So I reserved myself a spot in the Junior (of course) Mod List and prepared to wait a long time. Since I expected to do a Junior Game, I planned a simple game without any fancy roles: Wolves, seer, ranger, hunter and maybe a cobbler.

Time passed and so did Werewolf Junior. I thought about changing the game to one with only two wolves, but four cobblers (I still fancy that idea, I think it's going to be hilariously funny), but wasn't able to figure out how to make it consistent with the theme. I also came to think that there were very few newbies trying the game lately, so, simple one it would be.

I sat out Oddwen's game to start preparing the game. Rules-wise, this wasn't a lot to do, so I was mainly browsing through the Akallabêth and the Lost Road for narrational inspirations and good lines to steal. Especially the Lost Road turned out to be very rich in this aspect. Oddwen's game was finished exactly when I was finished with my preparations. Only a day later I had the admin thread running, I was that nervous and eager to start. And then... nothing. After a week, there was a total of seven players. In the end, the suggestion of split personalities was approved very much.

This made my excitement drop a little bit, I admit. At least I now had time to play with role assignments. Some months ago I took my time to check all the past games for the assignments each who ever played a game had so far. I wanted everybody to have a role s/he didn't have so often before. Ever-ordos* like Lommy or Gil, for example, were set to have something special for them. I also liked the idea of having a strong cobbler combined with relatively inexperienced wolves.

I never liked the idea of PMing people to join, because I feared it would draw in people who didn't really want to play, but do so because they're asked. Being in need of 7-8 more players, I finally was convinced I needed to PM half the member list to acquire enough, which I basically then did by writing 25 or 30 PMs. I had no idea what avalanche I started...

21 players! Since I had PMed them to play, I could not turn them down now. I don't think I even would have had if it was otherwise: the more the merrier! Having no multiple kills or lynchings, this promised to become a loong game, much to my liking. There were even four newbies.

I chose The Saucepan Man, Durelin and the guy who be short as wolves/faithfuls. Saucepan is a true veteran, but had only been a wolf once(!) in his career*. Durelin is an excellent player, but had never been evil*. I have never played with tgwbs and was surprised to see he had played in eleven games already, only one of which he had been a wolf*. I didn't know what to expect of him, especially given he didn't play in some time, but I was willing to let myself be surprised. Having four newbies and having added a fourth wolf (because of number of players), it was clear that it had to be one of them. I chose Legate of Amon Lanc, because he seemed the most confident.

I wanted to have Rikae as my seer from quite early on, because she had never been gifted before*. Gil became my ranger, because he had been a wolf already twice and a hunter once*. Lommy became the hunter, because she said she would probably miss Night One and I had a feeling she might like the role - she would have been a wolf otherwise. Roa became my desired strong cobbler. I wished I had more Gifteds in my game, because Rune and Garin have never been one, too*. I found no way to fit them in, unfortunately. In a way I was happy Glirdan looked like his participation was doubtful, because he's another one overdue for wolvishness*. In the end, I was quite satisfied with my choices, even with my lineup of alpha innocents.

Game thread started, rules posted, let's go!

... to be continued.

* all according to my list, which is possibly quite faulty.
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